Shopify Support

There are three main components to the Shopify Support I offer – more details below on each one.

1. grow sales

This service begins with a Shopify store audit that looks at technical aspects of your store(s) and sales performance for the last 12 months. Using the information gathered my team and I create a plan for growing sales, as long as we see a viable path.

I frequently assist with Shopify store setup and configuration, theme customization, store design, and product photography. In addition, because additional apps are used to run stores I also help in selecting, installing, and configuring apps to meet your specific site needs.

2. store & Product seo

Optimizing content for organic search traffic is becoming more and more of what I do on a daily basis. It is the long-term marathon of building a website, versus the often quick-paced construction.

Every good SEO has a set of tools they use to guide their decision making process. The most important decisions I make are related to resource allocation; whether that is time, money, or effort.

You are hiring me to think through how to optimize your store and product content for search performance – and then put the plan into action. Performance is tracked and reported, so you will see tangible results (or not).

When my work does not result in better performance that data is also valid and valuable, as it will help to hone and guide my future efforts.

3. store management

Unburden yourself from managing all the details and ins-and-outs of what it takes to compete successfully online these days. Focus on your customers instead, they will love you for it and your business will likely thrive because of it. Store performance is well tracked and reported on, so you will always have deep insight into the health of your Shopify store.