Search Engine Optimization

Why SEO Is SO Important

When it comes to acquiring new customers online you want to rank highly for certain search terms. Makes sense right? By executing an excellent SEO strategy you can lower your customer cost of acquisition and improve your businesses profitability and longevity.

Get Found Online

Competition online is only increasing, which makes SEO even more essential as part of a robust online marketing strategy.

The ever increasing competition is a two-edged sword that both drives innovation creates quick-paced obsolescence.

Through established and consistently implemented best practices, I give my clients an edge, helping them rank well for their keywords.

On-page Optimization

Central to a sturdy strategy is ensuring your site loads fast across device types, has properly built and submitted sitemaps, and speaks the language that search engines do; Schema.

Content Marketing

Creating great consistent content is more than just an SEO strategy, it’s a smart business move. I help publish that content, make sure it’s optimized, and keep the content calendar delivering.

Off-page Optimization

A later stage strategy for websites that are ready to actively build their network in a smart way. I’ll link your site to other high Domain Authority (DA) sites via guest posts or other methods.

What My Clients Say

Quotes from their Google My Business reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimization is a big part of creating a well-optimized website, and I get a lot of questions about it. Like:

There are many different aspects to SEO, including but not limited to On & Off-Site SEO and Technical & Non-Technical SEO. I offer the whole suite of SEO services required to get your site ranking well for your keywords.

I will personally be handling the majority of the SEO research and strategy. There is a team of SEO specialists I work with to implement the day-to-day tactics.

There will be a clearly outlined project calendar.

Search Engine Optimization is a process, not a one-time implementation. So SEO services are an ongoing service that is part upkeep and part competitive edge. The goal is to grow sustainable sources of organic traffic to your site, which over time result in a deluge of new visitors and customers. But the key word there is ‘time’. It is not an overnight strategy, but it has the added benefit of long-term effect if done well.

Whenever deadlines are missed, the project is halted. This is to be fair to everyone who is not missing deadlines. Restarting after halting is done based on schedule availability. There is usually a slight, but not significant, delay.

Mostly your cooperation, content, and communication. That covers most of the bases in terms of what I need from you and what you can expect from me, at least in terms of cooperation and communication. I’m happy to help with content creation but that service is not included out of the box with the website design and development.

My attitude is that I’m not satisfied with the website until you are. However, I do a lot of planning to mitigate any unforeseen issues that might get in the way of project success. I can guarantee success because I’ve done this enough times to confidently stand behind my work and process.

Through my Get Started page, that also doubles as my contact page. You have a couple of options on that page; call, email, or submit a form that’s ready for you to fill out. Depending on what you decide, we’ll either have a chat on the phone or over email.

Once I know some more about your project I can provide an estimate that will consist of a range. On the lower end will be a more bare bones site, while the higher end will be more of a built out site.

I collect 50% of the project total up front and 50% on delivery of the site. There are no payment plans out of the box, but I’m happy to discuss your situation to see how I can accommodate you.

Ready for your site to rank at the top?

My Search Engine Optimization services streamline your site code and display rich search results.