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CrazyEgg Heat Map Screenshot
A heatmap showing user behavior data for mouse clicks.

Professionally trained SEOs can save businesses a lot of time and money with a quick website audit.  Importantly, their impact can be seen quickly and over the long-term.

By analyzing your website with specialized paid software they provide clear next steps to improve site performance.

Think of it like going to a radiologist who uses an MRI machine to see what’s going on inside your body.  To untrained eyes the results are not very useful, though that is changing.

Nowadays website analysis tools automatically suggest fixes to technical issues detected on the site.  For example, if you over-use or under-use a particular keyword in a post with the sweet spot of usage between 1-2%.

Like all tools, software is only as good as the user.  A skilled website checker is worth their weight in gold because they operate like prospectors finding you veins of information gold.

SEO Experts are like miners

Website Traffic Analysis | The Big Picture

Your website is a treasure trove of data about real visitors from all over the world.  Deeply understanding traffic behavior to improve a site’s performance requires considerable research and analysis.

A website checker traffic specialist can provide game-changing solutions for a website’s lackluster performance, as long as their advice is data-based.

For example, a website that is receiving a lot of visits from high-intent searches but few conversions may have something technically malfunctioning.

Thorough testing of a website often reveals hidden issues fatal conversions.  A poorly written product description or miscalculated shipping costs are two low hanging examples.

Checking website design and user behavior requires tools like Crazy Egg that show heat maps of visitors’ mouse behavior.  Testing different website designs and copy, called A/B Split Testing, is a must for optimization.  So Crazy Egg offers a robust A/B Split Testing tool.

A big part of the value an expert traffic to website checker brings to the table is their skill with digital tools.  Excellent tools have costs, something to keep in mind when investing in a website checker – there are likely considerable savings for you.

Website traffic data analysis requires human intellect

Website Checker SEO Focus

There are several items to be optimized on websites, especially when competing to rank at the top of search engine results.  This is the art and science of SEO.

Hiring a professional website checker is the best way to achieve search engine results ranking goals.

For example, if you own a roofing company in Chicago then you want to rank highly when someone in Chicago searches ‘best roofing company in Chicago’.

An SEO expert can use their tools and training to make that happen.  They look at how your site is structured on a code level, making sure Google site-crawlers give it as much trust and authority as possible.

SEO Expertise is a combo of skills

Website Checker Security

Website security is obviously a mission critical aspect of any website.  A breach in security can result in the whole site going down indefinitely.

Consequences of a security breach can go far beyond just a website failure and result in real losses for victims.

Luckily, there are a lot of website security tools available.  But, again, the skill one has with the software is the main determining factor.  A subscription alone will not configure itself or design and implement a security protocol.

So, yes, look for software tools to use but also look for security specialists to hire.

Website checker security

Automated Website Checker

When using automated website checker services there is not as much need for human expertise, but it is nonetheless helpful.

A site like GT Metrix is a standard service in the industry, especially for measuring the website page loading speed.  However, the data alone is not very actionable.

For a full overview and detailed understanding of how your website can be optimized I highly recommend hiring an outside specialist, like WebsiteMike.

Is this Website Checker Legit?

How can you tell if a website checker is a scam artist?  That’s a really good question, and the only really good answer is “Research”.

Take a few minutes to research the solution(s) you are considering using as a website checker.  This is time well spent because a wrong decision at this stage can have catastrophic consequences.  Check out the graphic below for an illustration of some specific ideas.

You’ll find that a lot of the software solutions are very robust, but either have a high price tag or monthly subscription.  There is little way around paying for good software solutions – and that makes sense because they provide a valuable tool.

The issue is, just like a radiologist and an MRI machine, training and expertise matter a lot when it comes to using tools.

Highly skilled knowledge can be valuable precisely because it can generate a very high rate of return on investment.

If you knew somebody who would give you $5 every time you gave them $1, how much money would you give this person?


Website checker legit

Website Checker Down Site

Uptime for a website is an important metric, one tied closely to financial performance if it is an eCommerce site.

A website can go offline for many reasons, but not knowing about it is way worse than being immediately notified.


Because you can take immediate action and minimize the offline time, you can minimize the damage.

The list of reasons a site can go offline is long, and not worth enumerating here but let me tell you about my most recent experience with it.

It happened with this site you are on right now, WebsiteMike.

I installed some faulty code and it caused the usage of CPU seconds to skyrocket, quickly exceeding the monthly quota. 

An email came in from my website hosting provider, SiteGround, saying that the website was being taken offline until next month when the CPU seconds quota reset.

Well unless I solved the problem the same thing would happen next month – so I had to snip out the faulty code.

This fixed the problem and SiteGround reset the quota early so the site was back up almost immediately.

Looking back, the issue may have been caused by a faulty website migration.  That has to be done in a very complete manner, like updating all records and email settings so that the new site works as intended.

To read about how to migrate a website to SiteGround check out my post on it.

Website checker down

In Conclusion Invest In Your Site!

Think of your website like a physical property, it requires upkeep.

That upkeep has both costs and returns associated with it.  Costs include hosting, design, software licenses, and more.

But the returns can be huge.

And long-term.

Therefore it is worth finding an expert, a website expert, who can guide you through the bewildering process of building a website.

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