How to Upload a Logo to a WordPress-powered website

Step 1. Log in to the admin area of your WordPress website.
Step 2. Hover over ‘Appearance’ and click on ‘Customize’
Step 3. Once the Customizer loads, click on ‘Header’, then click on ‘Logo’
Step 4. Click on ‘Add Image’ and upload an image or select one from the Media Library (Hint: Add logos that are already the size you want them to appear on the website. Though you can manually resize through WordPress.)
Step 5. Click on ‘Add Image’ for the Retina Logo and upload or select an image that is twice the size of the regular logo *This is not required, but may help a logo image look sharper.
Step 6. Adjust the size of the logo by moving the Max Width sliders underneath the uploaded logo images

Those are the basic steps of uploading a logo to a WordPress-powered website and getting it to the size you want by adjusting the Max Width sliders located on the Customizer.

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