How to Update DNS Records to Direct Visitors to Your Site

A quick video tutorial of the DNS records update process on GoDaddy.

Introduction to why this step is necessary.

Updating DNS records is crucial because it directs visitors to your website when they type your domain name into their browser.

For example, I purchased the domain on GoDaddy but built the actual website using a completely different service provider called SiteGround.

SiteGround, in my opinion, is more optimized than GoDaddy for the purpose of creating a self-hosted WordPress site.

So we copy the DNS records for the website on SiteGround and paste/save them into GoDaddy.

Now GoDaddy will use the DNS records like signposts to automatically direct visitors to your website on SiteGround.

Update Your DNS records by following these steps:

1. Log in to your Domain Registrar account (GoDaddy, for example).

2. Hover over your account name in the upper-right hand corner of the Dashboard page and click on ‘My Products’ (if using GoDaddy).

*A similar DNS record updating process is used by most registrars.

3.  Now click on the option dropdown menu for the domain you want to modify and click on ‘Manage DNS’.  (See screenshot below)

DNS Records Update How-To pics 1

4. Click on the blue ‘Change’ button to modify the nameservers.  (See screenshot below)

DNS Records Update How-To pics 2

5.  Select the ‘I’ll use my own nameservers’ radio button option and enter the new nameserver records.  Follow all onscreen prompts to save the new record, sometimes there is an intermediate verification step.

DNS Records Update How-To pics 3

6. Be sure to click the ‘Save’ button.

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