How to Easily Migrate a Website to SiteGround

The big picture when it comes to migrating a website to SiteGround has 3 steps.

1. Create empty website on SiteGround
2. Install and use SiteGround Migrator Plugin
3. Change DNS settings with registrar

Let’s break down those steps one-by-one.

STEP 1 BREAKDOWN “Create empty website on SiteGround”
a. Login to your SiteGround account
b. Click on ‘Websites’ in the nav menu
c. Click on ‘Existing Domain’ and enter the domain name
d. Click on ‘Migrate a Site’
e. Download the SiteGround Migrator Plugin

STEP 2 BREAKDOWN “Install and use SiteGround Migrator Plugin”
a. Login to the website you want to migrate
b. Hover over ‘Plugins’ and click on ‘Add New’ in the main nav menu
c. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’ at the top of the page
d. Click on ‘Choose File’ and upload the SiteGround Migrator Plugin
e. Activate the Plugin
f. Click on ‘SG Migrator’ in the main nav menu
g. Copy/Paste the Token generated by SiteGround

STEP 3 BREAKDOWN “Change DNS settings with registrar”
a. Copy the Name Server settings provided by SiteGround during Step 1
b. Paste the 2 different name servers in as custom settings with the site’s registrar
c. Save the new DNS settings

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