The first step is hardest of all.

We all have our own individual life stories but there are some things that we all share.  One of those things is hardship.  We all face hardship at one time or another, and that’s a good thing.  To not face hardship is to not strengthen and learn.

Hardship is a shared experience, just as overcoming it is.  My hardships are no different than yours.  A wise man taught me that there are essentially just two types of suffering; physical and psychological.  Maybe you agree and maybe you don’t but nonetheless hardship and overcoming it is generally a shared experience.

Just keep going.

My specific hardships aren’t as important as what I have learned from them.  My hope is that you get some value from reading this, that’s why I’m giving you straightforward honesty.  That’s the most useful thing I can think to provide here.

So circling back to the title of this rant, the first step often is the hardest of all.  If I’ve learned anything I have learned that over and over.  Change is hard.  Not always but often, so expect it.  Prepare for it.  Anticipate it.

Hardship will still come, that’s simply a part of life.  But it’s up to us how we respond to it, both physically and psychologically.  We don’t have to suffer and we don’t have to sit still.  Take new steps and move in new ways to explore the possibilities of life.  I’m in no way claiming to have mastered this, just passing on and sharing a few observations.

Thanks for reading.

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